Master Cybersecurity By Hacking Real Systems

A cyber-range which gives you realistic hacking experience through advanced target emulation and threat simulation.

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Why should you use provides you with high-quality hacking experience through in-depth emulation of the target systems which are hyper-realistic, and thus help you prepare for defending against cyberattacks.


Hyper-realistic target emulation

The target environment built with real infrastructure components running on single or multiple virtual machines just like a production setup of the target

End-to-End Target Infrastructure environments not just provide the target with real vulnerabilities, but also provides all services that are part of the target's infrastructure like CDN, load balancers, AWS services(mocked), DNS, firewall, Kafka, SQL & NoSQL databases, etc

Real-world Attack Surface

End-To-End implementation of the target provides you with multiple attack vectors just like how you would see in real life.

Open/Closed Box Environments

Beginners can take help of the open box environments to get clear understanding of target infrastructure through network visualizations.


CTF on Steroids

The platform emphasizes holistic validation of your tactics and objectives. It goes beyond mere infiltration, ensuring that you successfully accomplish all assigned tasks. These objectives can encompass various elements, such as privilege manipulation, data extraction, and network traversal.

Victim User Emulation

User interaction and behaviour emulation incorporated into the attack environments, creating an immersive experience that challenges participants to think and adapt like true ethical hackers.


Create or Capture flags placed across the target's network

Progress & Leaderboard

Compete against other hackers


Integrated Console

Kali Linux Desktop

Kali linux desktop along with an integrated terminal directly accessible from the browser console.

Environment Guide

Need help or stuck? get back on track with the help of Guide: a brief walkthrough of the attack/defence.

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